Johnny Depp Tattoos Meanings and Ideas (With Pictures)

Johnny Depp Tattoo Designs Pictures and Ideas

Johnny depp is one of the most recognized Hollywood actor over the Globe. Johnny has a huge love for tattoos. His got his first tattoo when he was just 17 year old and since then the actor has inked his body on several occasions to signifies certain events or persons that are important to him in his life. According to Johnny’s own words his body is a portrait of his own life story and his tattoos signifies the meaning of his life. Johnny depp tattoos tells about the most important persons in Johnny depp’s life, his beliefs and the achievements he had in his life. Johnny once even quoted that like Sailor his tattoos are also very meaningful and tell what he has seen, faced and felt. Here is the complete list of Johnny depp tattoos with tattoo design and pictures along with meanings:

1. Native American Head tattoo on Right Bicep
Johnny Depp Tattoo 1
Johnny depp has a tattoo of Native American Head on his right bicep. Johnny got this tattoo back in 1980 when he was 17 year old. This tattoo was to symbolize his cherokee ancestory. It was Johnny Depp’s first tattoo in his life.

2. Betty Sue tattoo on left biceps.
Johnny Depp Tattoo 2
Betty Sue was the name of Johnny Depp’s Mother. Johnny loved his mother more than anything. His mother was a waitress. Johnny got his mother’s name inked in a red heart on his left bicep. This tattoo was inked in 1988.

3. Skull and Crossbones tattoo on Right Inner Arm
Johnny Depp Tattoo 3
Johnny has a Skull with 4 cross bones inked on his inner left arm. this tattoo was first seen in 2010.

4. Inverted Triangle tattoo his left upper arm, the symbol of tattoo is feminine.
Johnny Depp Tattoo 4
Johnny got his inverted Triangle tattoo back in 90s. Many claims that this tattoo was to symbolize the romantic relationships, Johnny had with several ladies. The tattoo is just above the Betty sue tattoo.

5. Modified Skull and Crossbones tattoo on his left arm.
Johnny Depp Tattoo 5
Don’t know what Skull and Crossbones mean to the actor but Johnny depp has several skull and crossbone tattoos on his body. Here is a modified Skull and Crossbone tattoo on his left arm

6. The Brave Symbol Tattoo on his right lower arm.
Johnny Depp Tattoo 6
The Brave (released in 1997) is the only film that Johnny depp wrote, directed and starred in. For this film Johnny got this tattoo which he called “The Brave Tattoo”. This tattoo has a humanoid figure with “?” sign on head. It symbolizes the true identity of a human being and his real motive.

7. Number 3 tattoo between Thumb and Index finger
Johnny Depp Tattoo 7
Johnny depp consider 3 as his lucky number. He got a tattoo of the number between his thumb and index finger. Johnny said that 3 is a magical number as two person makes a third person, a new life. A friend of Johnny inked the tattoo one day when they were getting bore and just trying stuff.

8. Lilly Rose name tattoo on his left side chest
Johnny Depp Tattoo 8
Lilly Rose is the name of Johnny’s daughter. Johnny got the tattoo of his daughter name after the birth of his daughter. The tattoo is just above the heart and it symbolizes Johnny’s love for his daughter.

9. Portrait tattoo on his left arm and right arm
Johnny Depp Tattoo 9
Johnny depp has Portrait tattoos on his left arm and right arm. The tattoo on his right arm is of his grandfather Jim while the tattoo on his left arm is of his mother Betty Sue.

10. Three Rectangles Tattoo Design On Right Hand Index Finger
Johnny Depp Tattoo 10
Referred as Permanent Phone doodle by the Actor Himself, Johnny got these 3 rectangles in 2009. This again signifies the magical number 3.

11. Gonzo tatoo design on left shin
Johnny Depp Tattoo 11
Gonzo tattoo design with a two thumb fist was first seen on Johnny depp during the shoot on The Rum Diary. Johnny dedicated this tattoo to his beloved friend and famous author Hunter S. Thompson who died in 2011. Johnny called him the master of Gonzo novels.

12. Silence Exile Cunning tattoo on his left lower arm
Johnny Depp Tattoo 12
Johnny depp took the quote from James Joyce novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”.

13. Skelton Key Tattoo Design on Left inner arm
Johnny Depp Tattoo 13
Johnny depp got the skelton key tattoo on his wrist in 2012. A key tattoo symbolizes that the closed doors are unlocked and a new phase of life begins.

14. The Z word tattoo on his left hand
Johnny Depp Tattoo 14
Johnny got the Z or Zigzag tattoo in 2012. This tattoo symbolizes the relationship between mother earth and father sky. It also symbolizes that a person should live for his dreams for his passion.

15. Sparrow Tattoo Design On Left Hand Biceps.
Johnny Depp Tattoo 15
Captain Jack sparrow is undoubtedly the finest character played by Johnny depp. Johnny also named his son “Jack” after the character. The character has a tattoo of flying sparrow on his right forearm. Johnny got a real Jack sparrow tattoo in mid 00s. It also symbolizes his love for his son.

16. The Winona Forever tattoo on his right upper arm
Johnny Depp Tattoo 16
Actress Winona ryder dated Johnny depp in early 90s. Johnny got the famous “Winnona forever” tattoo in 1990. But when the couple split in mid 90s, It was hard for Johnny. Johnny later changed the tattoo to “Winno forever” which still symbolizes the pure love Johnny had for the actress.

17. Three Hearts Tattoo on left tricep
Three Hearts
Johnny depp once again showed the significance of number 3 in his life when in 2009 he got a new tattoo of three hearts. He said that the three hearts belong to Jack(His son), Lilly rose (his daughter) and Vannessa(his ex).

18. A rook Tattoo on left lower arm
A Rock
Johnny depp got the tattoo of rook on left lower arm. It showed a bird holding Playing cards. Johnny depp said that it was dedicated to his grandfather who used to play the rook card game all the time.

19. Wind over heaven
Wind over Heaven
Johnny depp got a new tattoo in 2011, Wind Over Heaven sign on his upper right arm. The sign was taken from Chinese Book called “Book of Changes”. It signified that a man should focus on his obstacles rather than forcing his way ahead.

20. No Reason Tattoo on right wrist
No Reason
Johnny depp has the famous “No Reason” tattoo on his right wrist. As the name signifies this tattoo was either for No reason or symbolizes the bond between the men who have it.

21. Brotherly Love Circle Tattoo On Right Chest
Brotherly Love Circle
Depp has a circular tattoo on his right chest which has “Brother” written inside in Theban language. Depp called it Brotherly Love Circle and dedicated this tattoo to his best buddies.

22. Guitarist Tattoo on Right Arm
Johnny depp’s son Jack inked the Guitarist tattoo on his father. This tattoo signifies the Rock and Roll, Guitar love that both father and son share.

23. The crow Tattoo on Back of Right Palm
The crow
Johnny depp and his friends got this common tattoo on their bodies. The tattoo is said to be inspired from The Crow movie (1994) which starred Bruce Lee’s son Brandon lee in lead role. In the film the lead character after death comes back to life to take revenge. Depp’s friend circle signified that it was bird The Crow that take them back to life.

24. Snake On Right lower Arm
In 2012, Johnny depp got this tattoo which showed a lightning snake in the middle of circle. It signified the endless energy that Human being have.

25. Comanche shield
Comanche Shield
In 2012, Johnny got the Comanche Sheild tattoo on his right shin. It pays tribute to the Native American culture and his adoption to comanche nation.

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